Our Services

Our company aims at offering services that meet our customers' highest standards and needs. Our services cover a wide range of activities related to the engineer profession, offering the customer the possibility and means to find a solution to any kind of issue and problem.

Project Management


  • The complete construction of a project with specific budget.
  • The supervision of the works by an experienced engineer, daily.
  • The organization and observation of the timetable for each stage of works, as well as the observation of the project diary.
  • The selection of the materials according to each project's specifications.
  • Full compliance with the safety measures required for the protection of workers on site.
  • Delivery of the project accompanied by a document that certifies and guarantees the construction quality.

Project Management

  • Construction supervision.
  • Technical and legal support.
  • Economic and technical studies.
  • Construction cost control and optimization.
  • Real estate evaluations.
  • Construction quality control.
  • Supervision and compliance with the legislation on the safety of workers.
  • Reading all information related to environmental policy and protection issues.
  • Construction environmental management.


Our company as an investor, is active in the acquisition of land, development, construction, and sales of residential and business premises. Our company aims at achieving equilibrium between technology and art, at combining aesthetics and functionality, vision, and the transformation of this vision into reality.

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